Chamois Grip 160cm | Pink

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Colour: Pink
Size: 160cm
Size table hockey sticks

Not sure about the correct stick length? No problem! The size chart below can be used as a guideline for choosing the right hockey stick.

The length of a stick is especially important for children. With a stick that is too long, it is very difficult to master the technique. With a stick that is too short, the impact force decreases and there is a good chance that you will adopt the wrong attitude.

In the table below you will find the length of the stick in relation to the height of a child. Stick lengths are indicated in inches.

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The most common height for seniors is 36.5 inches, or 92 centimeters. If, despite the correct posture, you still regularly suffer from your back, a longer stick may offer a solution.

If you are still unsure about the length of your stick, you can use the methods below to find out the ideal stick length.

Measuring the correct stick size:

  1. Stand up straight
  2. From the ground, place the stick upright at your sides
  3. The stick should absolutely not protrude above your navel from the ground. A few centimeters below your navel is no problem at all

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